Above are pictures of some of the projects that UERPC is involved with. Below is a list of grants that UERPC has had a large part in helping each entity receive or administrate for the Northeast Iowa region.


FayetteFayette County Housing Trust Fund49,012
Allamakee, Clayton, Howard, WinneshiekNortheast Iowa Housing Trust Fund222,543


5 county regionEDA Planning Grant66,000
Clayton CountySafe Routes to School500
Winneshiek CountySafe Routes to School3,810
Allamakee CountySafe Routes to School1,000
Fayette CountySafe Routes to School2,200
5 county regionSafe Routes to School4,000
West UnionSafe Routes to School1,500
5 county regionSafe Routes to School56,932
Howard CountySafe Routes to School4,000
Allamakee/Winneshiek CountySafe Routes to School4,100
WatervilleSafe Routes to School171
Winneshiek CountySafe Routes to School975
Strawberry PointCDBG Water/Sewer417,00
PostvilleCDBG Water/Sewer500,000
Fayette CountyTrout Fishing Maps2,500
Allamakee CountyHazard Mitigation Plan19,012
Fayette CountyHazard Mitigation Plan22,500
5 county regionSurface Transportation Program (STP)2,055,821
5 county regionTransportation Alternatives Program (TAP)165,177
5 county regionFTA - Planning - DOT24,553
5 county regionFHWA - SPR DOT Planning24,533
6 county regionWIOA387,274
6 county regionJob Driven NEG292,275
6 county regionSector Partnership NEG108,887
5 county regionSection 8 - HUD1,586,312
Allamakee/Winneshiek/Howard/ClaytonNortheast Iowa Housing Trust Fund228,851
Fayette CountyFayette County Housing Trust Fund51,100
Strawberry PointCDBG Housing245,250
McGregorCDBG Housing245,250
MononaCDBG Housing235,440


6 county regionSoy Basics$50,000
6 county regionWIA475,000
5 county regionSurface Transportation (for projects and planning)2,050,873
5 county regionEnhancement (for projects)133,108
5 county regionTransit (for planning)24,779
5 county regionFHWA (for planning)24,779
5 county regionBusiness Network18,000
5 county regionSection 81,318,671
5 county regionCOG10,294
5 county regionEDA61,000
Fayette CountyTRRC2,500
PostvilleCDBG Water/Sewer500,000
LansingCDBG Water/Sewer208,650
MarquetteHousing - CDBG235,440
CalmarHousing - CDBG245,000
WIA (DubuqueIBMEI Grant20,000
5 county regionSpectrum RBEG-USDA Rural Enterprise Business Grant99,000
5 county regionPlanning Grant EDA66,000
5 county regionSafe Routes to School47,091
5 county regionSafe Routes to School24,000
West UnionSafe Routes to School2,000
Allamakee CountySafe Routes to School500
5 county regionSafe Routes to School4,000
5 county regionSafe Routes to School4,000
5 county regionSafe Routes to School3,000
GuttenbergCDBG Water/Sewer150,000


DubuqueQuad Graphics WIA State Emergency$30,000
6 county regionWIA353,966
5 county regionSurface Transportation (for projects and planning)2,050,873
5 county regionTransit (for planning)24,779
5 county regionFHWA (for planning)24,779
5 county regionBusiness Network32,000
5 county regionSection 81,223,095
5 county regionCOG10,294
5 county regionTBRA36,550
Fayette CountyCommunity Foundation-Safe Routes to School Program3,500
5 county regionNEIRHTF356,742
Fayette CountyFCLHTF83,540
Allamakee CountyCDBG-Community Facilities (TASC)311,972
Lime SpringsEECBG Grant9,345
5 county regionEDA61,000
6 county regionYouth Career Connect (YAC)3,729,123
WinneshiekWinneshiek County Development35,500
Fayette CountyFayette County Development75,000
CalmarCity of Calmar21,000
West UnionCity of West Union79,500
DecorahSpectrum Industries99,999
5 county regionIowa Food Hub88,000


McGregorFEMA-Hazard Mitigation$1,404,990
McGregorCDBG-Disaster Stormwater468,331
Fayette CountyCDBG-Child Care Center600,000
Postville/West UnionIFA-Home410,000
Lime SpringsEDSA-Lime Springs Beef, LLC500,000
CrescoIDPH-Iowans Fit for Life10,000
Allamakee, Chickasaw, Clayton & FayetteIDPH-Walking With a Purpose3,000
North Fayette School DistrictIDPH-Walking School Bus Project4,500
Postville, OelweinIDPH-I-Walk9,000
5 county areaSection 81,237,816
5 county areaTBRA19,550
5 county areaSurface Transportation (for projects & planning)2,201,592
5 county areaEnhancement (for projects)167,004
5 county areaTransit (for planning)23,631
5 county areaFHWA (for planning)23,631
5 county areaCOG10,294
5 county areaRWIB4,000
6 county areaWIA/Promise Jobs498,808
5 county areaBusiness Network59,500
Lime SpringsEnergy Efficient Community Block Grant9,345


Allamakee, Clayton, Howard, WinneshiekIFA-State Housing Trust Fund & Local Match Providers$266,081
Fayette CountyIFA-State Housing Trust Fund & Local Match Providers70,880
5 county regionSafe Routes to School Non-Infrastructure Grant115,000
WaukonCDBG Housing324,000
McGregorCDBG Housing324,000
Allamakee, Clayton, Howard, WinneshiekClayton County Foundation1,000
OelweinIowa Finance Authority-HOME Program400,000
Garnavillo, Strawberry Point, McGregorIowa Finance Authority-HOME Program400,000
DecorahCDBG Single Family New Production-Disaster37,497
FayetteCDBG Single Family New Production-Disaster593,009
GarnavilloCDBG Single Family New Production-Disaster173,298
5 county regionTBRA-Rental Assistance170,000
5 county regionHUD Section 8 Rental Assistance940,393
ElkaderCDBG Downtown Revitalization-Facade500,000
West UnionCDBG Downtown Revitalization-Facade500,000
Valley SchoolHazard Mitigation-Tornado Safe Room727,361
5 county regionConnect Iowa7,226
5 county areaSurface Transportation Funds (for projects & planning)2,303,912
5 county areaEnhancement (for projects)173,886
5 county areaTransit (for planning)23,480
5 county areaFHWA (for planning)23,480
5 county areaCOG1,294
5 county areaRWIB4,000
6 county areaWIA/Promise Jobs869,897
5 county areaBusiness Network94,000


GarnavilloCDBG Water/Sewer$300,000
RISE LTD/Clayton CountyCDBG Community Facility298,940
Patty Elwood/Howard CountyCDBG Community Facility600,000
City of FayetteCDBG Downtown Revitalization500,000
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeEDA Community Facilities1,176,007
Luther College/City of DecorahIowa Office of Energy Independence70,460
LuanaCDBG Housing238,200
Strawberry PointCDBG Housing316,000
ElkaderCDBG Housing232,200
Allamakee, Clayton, Howard, WinneshiekIFA-State Housing Trust Fund & Local Match Providers302,001
Allamakee, Clayton, Howard, WinneshiekUSDA-Housing Preservation Grant51,161
Allamakee, Clayton, Howard, WinneshiekAllamakee County Community Foundation5,000
Fayette CountyIFA-State Housing Trust Fund & Local Match Providers78,373
West UnionCDBG-Disaster Funds, Upper Story Multi-Family1,256,100
Strawberry PointCDBG-Disaster Funds-SFNP Round 386,675
6 county areaRural Business Enterprise Grant-USDA Rural Development90,000
UERPCWinneshiek County Foundation4,025
UERPCArlin Falck Foundation500
UERPCAlliant Energy1,500
UERPCBlack Hills Energy500
5 county areaSection 81,303,807
5 county areaTBRA19,550
5 county areaSurface Transportation Funds (projects & planning)2,237,379
5 county areaEnhancement (for projects)154,013
5 county areaTransit (for planning)23,413
5 county areaFHWA (for planning)23,747
5 county areaCOG10,294
5 county areaRWIB3,200
6 county areaWIA/Promise Jobs831,604
6 county areaDepartment of Labor-Rockwell Sumner283,323
6 county areaDepartment of Labor-On the Job Training60,780
5 county areaBusiness Network142,616


Fayette CountyCDBG62,500
Winneshiek CountyCDBG120,000
PostvilleHOME-First Time Homebuyer502,300
OelweinCDBG-Drinking Water3,120,000
Lime SpringsChildcare/Tornado Shelter1,300,000
West UnionCDBG-Infrastructure8,000,000
GuttenbergEDA-Tourism/Community Dvlp1,966,000
Multi countiesHazard Mitigation334,559
City of FayetteCDBG-Water/Sewer1,462,000
GarnavilloCDBG-Storm Water993,150
Fayette/Clayton CountyUSDA-Turkey River Recreational171,000
4 county areaIFA-Housing Trust Fund310,851
Fayette CountyOEI-Healthcare Business Prairie View Energy140,815
DecorahOEI-City of Decorah Energy1,654,988
SpillvilleCDBG-Wastewater Treatment1,231,604
Tri StateTraining-WIA Youth Offender1,240,000
Tri StateTraining-WIA Green Jobs Initiative2,058,250
LuanaCDBG-Drinking Water540,000
McGregor/MarquetteUSDA-Community Facilities-Driftless Area200,000
McGregor/MarquetteDNR-REAP-Driftless Area50,000
UERPCEDA-Economic Development Initiative61,000
27 counties, MN and IAEDA-Economic Development Initiative200,000
5 county businessesDED-Jumpstart Business564,674
ClermontState Historical-Clermont-Larrabee School37,500
6 county areaDepartment of Labor-Green Giant68,900
6 county areaDepartment of Labor-TANF Youth Program115,514
5 county areaSection 81,386,914
5 county areaTBRA19,550
5 county areaSurface Transportation (for projects & planning)1,961,886
5 county areaEnhancement (for projects)145,465
5 county areaTransit (for planning)23,915
5 county areaFHWA (for planning)23,915
5 county areaCOG8,470
5 county areaRWIB3,200


Winneshiek CountyDepartment of Labor-Rockwell Collins SEG
6 county areaDepartment of Labor-Bundled SEG
AllamakeeDepartment of Labor-Northern Engraving NEG
FayetteDepartment of Labor-Atwood Mobile NEG
Winneshiek & HowardDepartment of Labor-Featherlite Trailers NEG
6 county areaDepartment of Labor-ARRA Adult & Youth RFP
6 county areaDepartment of Labor-Summer Action Program
5 county areaSection 8
5 county areaSurface Transportation (for projects & planning)
5 county areaEnhancement (for projects)
5 county areaTransit (for planning)
5 county areaFHWA (for planning)
5 county areaARRA funds (for projects)
5 county areaCOG
5 county areaRWIB

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Posted: Wed, November 22, 2017

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  • Board Spotlight - Adam Weigand
  • Disability Awareness Month
  • Building a Healthy and Productive Workforce
  • Decorah Selected for 2018 Community Visioning Program
  • Iowa Cancer Plan
  • Governor Reynolds Announces Statewide Childhood Health Capaign
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  • UERPC offices are closed both Nov. 23rd and 24th in observation of Thanksgiving

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  • Board Spotlight Kristie Wiltgen
  • Winneshiek County Named Home Base Iowa Community
  • Progressive Walking Supper
  • UERPC Staff Host Training and Team Building Event
  • NEIA Transportation Summit
  • National Walking Summit
  • UERPC offices closed in observation of Veterans Day on November 10th.
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Transportation Summit

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Just a reminder to register for the upcoming Transportation Summit on October 18th at NICC-Wilder Center.

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  • Governor visits Northeast Iowa Region
  • Employee Spotlight - Amanda Judd
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