Above are pictures of some of the projects that UERPC is involved with. Below is a list of grants that UERPC has had a large part in helping each entity receive or administrate for the Northeast Iowa region.


FayetteFayette County Housing Trust Fund49,012
Allamakee, Clayton, Howard, WinneshiekNortheast Iowa Housing Trust Fund222,543
Tri-State - WI, IA , MNWISE PLAN20,000


5 county regionEDA Planning Grant66,000
Clayton CountySafe Routes to School500
Winneshiek CountySafe Routes to School3,810
Allamakee CountySafe Routes to School1,000
Fayette CountySafe Routes to School2,200
5 county regionSafe Routes to School4,000
West UnionSafe Routes to School1,500
5 county regionSafe Routes to School56,932
Howard CountySafe Routes to School4,000
Allamakee/Winneshiek CountySafe Routes to School4,100
WatervilleSafe Routes to School171
Winneshiek CountySafe Routes to School975
Strawberry PointCDBG Water/Sewer417,00
PostvilleCDBG Water/Sewer500,000
Fayette CountyTrout Fishing Maps2,500
Allamakee CountyHazard Mitigation Plan19,012
Fayette CountyHazard Mitigation Plan22,500
5 county regionSurface Transportation Program (STP)2,055,821
5 county regionTransportation Alternatives Program (TAP)165,177
5 county regionFTA - Planning - DOT24,553
5 county regionFHWA - SPR DOT Planning24,533
6 county regionWIOA387,274
6 county regionJob Driven NEG292,275
6 county regionSector Partnership NEG108,887
5 county regionSection 8 - HUD1,586,312
Allamakee/Winneshiek/Howard/ClaytonNortheast Iowa Housing Trust Fund228,851
Fayette CountyFayette County Housing Trust Fund51,100
Strawberry PointCDBG Housing245,250
McGregorCDBG Housing245,250
MononaCDBG Housing235,440


6 county regionSoy Basics$50,000
6 county regionWIA475,000
5 county regionSurface Transportation (for projects and planning)2,050,873
5 county regionEnhancement (for projects)133,108
5 county regionTransit (for planning)24,779
5 county regionFHWA (for planning)24,779
5 county regionBusiness Network18,000
5 county regionSection 81,318,671
5 county regionCOG10,294
5 county regionEDA61,000
Fayette CountyTRRC2,500
PostvilleCDBG Water/Sewer500,000
LansingCDBG Water/Sewer208,650
MarquetteHousing - CDBG235,440
CalmarHousing - CDBG245,000
WIA (DubuqueIBMEI Grant20,000
5 county regionSpectrum RBEG-USDA Rural Enterprise Business Grant99,000
5 county regionPlanning Grant EDA66,000
5 county regionSafe Routes to School47,091
5 county regionSafe Routes to School24,000
West UnionSafe Routes to School2,000
Allamakee CountySafe Routes to School500
5 county regionSafe Routes to School4,000
5 county regionSafe Routes to School4,000
5 county regionSafe Routes to School3,000
GuttenbergCDBG Water/Sewer150,000


DubuqueQuad Graphics WIA State Emergency$30,000
6 county regionWIA353,966
5 county regionSurface Transportation (for projects and planning)2,050,873
5 county regionTransit (for planning)24,779
5 county regionFHWA (for planning)24,779
5 county regionBusiness Network32,000
5 county regionSection 81,223,095
5 county regionCOG10,294
5 county regionTBRA36,550
Fayette CountyCommunity Foundation-Safe Routes to School Program3,500
5 county regionNEIRHTF356,742
Fayette CountyFCLHTF83,540
Allamakee CountyCDBG-Community Facilities (TASC)311,972
Lime SpringsEECBG Grant9,345
5 county regionEDA61,000
6 county regionYouth Career Connect (YAC)3,729,123
WinneshiekWinneshiek County Development35,500
Fayette CountyFayette County Development75,000
CalmarCity of Calmar21,000
West UnionCity of West Union79,500
DecorahSpectrum Industries99,999
5 county regionIowa Food Hub88,000


McGregorFEMA-Hazard Mitigation$1,404,990
McGregorCDBG-Disaster Stormwater468,331
Fayette CountyCDBG-Child Care Center600,000
Postville/West UnionIFA-Home410,000
Lime SpringsEDSA-Lime Springs Beef, LLC500,000
CrescoIDPH-Iowans Fit for Life10,000
Allamakee, Chickasaw, Clayton & FayetteIDPH-Walking With a Purpose3,000
North Fayette School DistrictIDPH-Walking School Bus Project4,500
Postville, OelweinIDPH-I-Walk9,000
5 county areaSection 81,237,816
5 county areaTBRA19,550
5 county areaSurface Transportation (for projects & planning)2,201,592
5 county areaEnhancement (for projects)167,004
5 county areaTransit (for planning)23,631
5 county areaFHWA (for planning)23,631
5 county areaCOG10,294
5 county areaRWIB4,000
6 county areaWIA/Promise Jobs498,808
5 county areaBusiness Network59,500
Lime SpringsEnergy Efficient Community Block Grant9,345


Allamakee, Clayton, Howard, WinneshiekIFA-State Housing Trust Fund & Local Match Providers$266,081
Fayette CountyIFA-State Housing Trust Fund & Local Match Providers70,880
5 county regionSafe Routes to School Non-Infrastructure Grant115,000
WaukonCDBG Housing324,000
McGregorCDBG Housing324,000
Allamakee, Clayton, Howard, WinneshiekClayton County Foundation1,000
OelweinIowa Finance Authority-HOME Program400,000
Garnavillo, Strawberry Point, McGregorIowa Finance Authority-HOME Program400,000
DecorahCDBG Single Family New Production-Disaster37,497
FayetteCDBG Single Family New Production-Disaster593,009
GarnavilloCDBG Single Family New Production-Disaster173,298
5 county regionTBRA-Rental Assistance170,000
5 county regionHUD Section 8 Rental Assistance940,393
ElkaderCDBG Downtown Revitalization-Facade500,000
West UnionCDBG Downtown Revitalization-Facade500,000
Valley SchoolHazard Mitigation-Tornado Safe Room727,361
5 county regionConnect Iowa7,226
5 county areaSurface Transportation Funds (for projects & planning)2,303,912
5 county areaEnhancement (for projects)173,886
5 county areaTransit (for planning)23,480
5 county areaFHWA (for planning)23,480
5 county areaCOG1,294
5 county areaRWIB4,000
6 county areaWIA/Promise Jobs869,897
5 county areaBusiness Network94,000


GarnavilloCDBG Water/Sewer$300,000
RISE LTD/Clayton CountyCDBG Community Facility298,940
Patty Elwood/Howard CountyCDBG Community Facility600,000
City of FayetteCDBG Downtown Revitalization500,000
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeEDA Community Facilities1,176,007
Luther College/City of DecorahIowa Office of Energy Independence70,460
LuanaCDBG Housing238,200
Strawberry PointCDBG Housing316,000
ElkaderCDBG Housing232,200
Allamakee, Clayton, Howard, WinneshiekIFA-State Housing Trust Fund & Local Match Providers302,001
Allamakee, Clayton, Howard, WinneshiekUSDA-Housing Preservation Grant51,161
Allamakee, Clayton, Howard, WinneshiekAllamakee County Community Foundation5,000
Fayette CountyIFA-State Housing Trust Fund & Local Match Providers78,373
West UnionCDBG-Disaster Funds, Upper Story Multi-Family1,256,100
Strawberry PointCDBG-Disaster Funds-SFNP Round 386,675
6 county areaRural Business Enterprise Grant-USDA Rural Development90,000
UERPCWinneshiek County Foundation4,025
UERPCArlin Falck Foundation500
UERPCAlliant Energy1,500
UERPCBlack Hills Energy500
5 county areaSection 81,303,807
5 county areaTBRA19,550
5 county areaSurface Transportation Funds (projects & planning)2,237,379
5 county areaEnhancement (for projects)154,013
5 county areaTransit (for planning)23,413
5 county areaFHWA (for planning)23,747
5 county areaCOG10,294
5 county areaRWIB3,200
6 county areaWIA/Promise Jobs831,604
6 county areaDepartment of Labor-Rockwell Sumner283,323
6 county areaDepartment of Labor-On the Job Training60,780
5 county areaBusiness Network142,616


Fayette CountyCDBG62,500
Winneshiek CountyCDBG120,000
PostvilleHOME-First Time Homebuyer502,300
OelweinCDBG-Drinking Water3,120,000
Lime SpringsChildcare/Tornado Shelter1,300,000
West UnionCDBG-Infrastructure8,000,000
GuttenbergEDA-Tourism/Community Dvlp1,966,000
Multi countiesHazard Mitigation334,559
City of FayetteCDBG-Water/Sewer1,462,000
GarnavilloCDBG-Storm Water993,150
Fayette/Clayton CountyUSDA-Turkey River Recreational171,000
4 county areaIFA-Housing Trust Fund310,851
Fayette CountyOEI-Healthcare Business Prairie View Energy140,815
DecorahOEI-City of Decorah Energy1,654,988
SpillvilleCDBG-Wastewater Treatment1,231,604
Tri StateTraining-WIA Youth Offender1,240,000
Tri StateTraining-WIA Green Jobs Initiative2,058,250
LuanaCDBG-Drinking Water540,000
McGregor/MarquetteUSDA-Community Facilities-Driftless Area200,000
McGregor/MarquetteDNR-REAP-Driftless Area50,000
UERPCEDA-Economic Development Initiative61,000
27 counties, MN and IAEDA-Economic Development Initiative200,000
5 county businessesDED-Jumpstart Business564,674
ClermontState Historical-Clermont-Larrabee School37,500
6 county areaDepartment of Labor-Green Giant68,900
6 county areaDepartment of Labor-TANF Youth Program115,514
5 county areaSection 81,386,914
5 county areaTBRA19,550
5 county areaSurface Transportation (for projects & planning)1,961,886
5 county areaEnhancement (for projects)145,465
5 county areaTransit (for planning)23,915
5 county areaFHWA (for planning)23,915
5 county areaCOG8,470
5 county areaRWIB3,200


Winneshiek CountyDepartment of Labor-Rockwell Collins SEG
6 county areaDepartment of Labor-Bundled SEG
AllamakeeDepartment of Labor-Northern Engraving NEG
FayetteDepartment of Labor-Atwood Mobile NEG
Winneshiek & HowardDepartment of Labor-Featherlite Trailers NEG
6 county areaDepartment of Labor-ARRA Adult & Youth RFP
6 county areaDepartment of Labor-Summer Action Program
5 county areaSection 8
5 county areaSurface Transportation (for projects & planning)
5 county areaEnhancement (for projects)
5 county areaTransit (for planning)
5 county areaFHWA (for planning)
5 county areaARRA funds (for projects)
5 county areaCOG
5 county areaRWIB

News Headlines

Upcoming Iowa Safe Routes to School Conference on January 24th

Posted: Thu, January 10, 2019

It’s not too late to register! The Iowa Safe Routes to School Conference is an annual conference providing insight, idea sharing, education, and programming on all things Safe Routes to School. 6 years running, the Iowa Bicycle Coalition brings together partners and collaborators from across the state to network, learn, share ideas, and talk about best practices. This year, the Iowa Safe Routes to School Conference will be an opportunity to hear from a wide variety of professionals from public health (Angela Drent, Siouxland Public Health), transportation planning (Jeff Wiggins, City of Des Moines active transportation planner), advocates (Mike Armstrong, Des Moines Bike Collective), planners (Mindy Moore, Snyder & Associates), and Wellmark Healthy Hometown! 

We have a jam-packed day planned! Lunch will be provided for a small fee from "In-the-bag" catering. HERE  is the link to register! 


... [ Read More ]


Posted: Thu, January 10, 2019

Upper Explorerland RPC is happy to bring back Jeff Schott, now retired as the Director of the Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Iowa in May 2018 to host the basic laws and concepts that apply to city councils and boards and commissions, entitled Open Meeting Laws.  The session will be held on March 14th from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 (noon) at the Postville YMCA.

 This two-hour training program includes the following topics:

 Legal Requirements: 

·       Open Meetings Law

·       Public records Law

·       Gift Law

·       Conflicts-of-Interest

·       Other Important Laws 

Doing What Is Right:

·       Duties and Responsibilities

·       Policy Development and Analysis

·       Policy and Program Evaluation and Oversight 

Strategies for Improving Performance:  

·       Strategies for Enhancing Effectiveness

·       Orientation

·       Teamwork

·       Decision-Making

·       Acting Strategically

Jeff Schott from 2006 - 2018, he had been responsible for delivery of the Institute of Public Affairs’ organizational improvement programs, including goal setting, strategic planning, council/board effectiveness training, educational programs and information, public management assistance, and staff training, to hundreds of local governments across Iowa.

Schott has been a featured presenter regarding local government issues and concerns at numerous conferences and workshops for organizations such as the Iowa League of Cities, Municipal Leadership Academies, National League of Cities, Iowa City/County Management Association, Iowa Parks and Recreation Association, Iowa Civil Rights Commission, Iowa Department of Transportation, Iowa State Association of Counties, Northeast, South Central and Des Moines metro regional leagues, and many other state and regional groups.  Schott has been an adjunct instructor in the University of Iowa School of Urban and Regional Planning.

Publications for which Schott has been responsible include the 2016, 2012 and 2008 editions of the Iowa Municipal Policy Leaders’ Handbook, a guide for mayors, council members and city staff in Iowa. The Handbook is designed to help municipal officials understand what is expected and required of them by explaining both the details and the “big picture” involved in being a municipal policy leader.  The Handbook describes the functions and services of Iowa cities, the laws governing municipal activities and contains explanations, tips, checklists, and lists of resources useful to city officials. It provides important information on a variety of critical topics, including: mayor and council roles, council meetings, dealing with the public, financial and budgetary administration, human resources, municipal services, economic development, planning and community development, and many other vital issues.

Please RSVP to Mary Huinker at or by calling 563-864-7551.


... [ Read More ]

UERPC December Newsletter

Posted: Mon, December 17, 2018

Some of the headlines you can read about this month include:

  • Highway Driving Safety Tips for Wildlife Collisions
  • UERPC Commission Members End Their Terms
  • Decorah's Community Visioning Designs Available for Viewing
  • Be the Change you Wish to See
  • Iowa Finance Authority Awards Funding to Housing Program
  • Beat the Blues Winter Marathon Starts January 1st
  • The UERPC offices will be closed December 24th and 25th and January 1st for the Holidays
  • Holiday Giving - Donating to your Local Food Bank

... [ Read More ]

Holiday Giving

Posted: Thu, December 13, 2018

Holiday Giving - Donating to your Local Food Pantry or Food Bank

The Holiday season often finds our thoughts turning to those in need.  Giving to a food pantry or food bank is a great way to give during the holidays and beyond.

For a complete listing of food panties or food banks in our area, please click below.

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