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Spring Brings Increased Farm Equipment Movement on Roadways

Posted: Thu, April 25, 2013

As the soil temperatures continue to rise, farmers are preparing to get into the fields as soon as the weather allows. Adding these vehicles to the mix on Iowa roadways will call for increasing patience on the part of motorists who will be sharing the road with slow-moving farm equipment.
In the spirit of cooperation, the Iowa Department of Transportation is urging both motorists and farm vehicle operators to exercise caution during the busy spring planting season.
Data for 2012 shows a total of 170 crashes involved farm equipment. Those crashes resulted in 12 fatalities, 11 major injuries, 35 minor injuries and 40 other possible injuries. Of the 170 crashes, 96 resulted only in property damage.

Tips for motorists
•    Be alert and always watch for slow-moving vehicles, especially during planting and harvest seasons.
•    Be patient and do not assume the equipment operator can move aside to let you pass. The shoulder may not be able to support a heavy farm vehicle.
•    Slow down as soon as you see the triangular-shaped, red and fluorescent orange slow-moving vehicle emblem.

Tips for farm vehicle operators
•    Make your intentions known when you are turning by using signal lights or the appropriate hand signal in advance of the turn.
•    Drive slow-moving vehicles in the right-hand lane as close to the edge of the roadway as safely possible. Traveling partially on the shoulder may cause motorists to risk passing in a dangerous situation.
•    Avoid encouraging or signaling motorists to pass. Pull over where it is safe, and let the traffic go by.
•    Do not get trapped on the tracks; proceed through a highway-rail grade crossing only if you are sure you can completely clear the crossing without stopping. Remember, the train extends 3 feet beyond the tracks on both sides.
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Iowa DOT Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Posted: Tue, April 16, 2013

Iowa's earliest road system was a network of dirt, wooden plank, and gravel and crushed clamshell roads. During periods of rain or snow, the roadway system turned into a mire of mud. To assist Iowans out of the mud, on April 9, 1913, a new Iowa law was enacted to create the Iowa State Highway Commission as a state governing body over highway construction. In 1974, all modes of transportation were added to the purview of the agency and it was renamed the Iowa Department of Transportation.
To commemorate its 100th anniversary and celebrate Iowa's rich transportation history, the Iowa DOT has launched a new website: The website includes:
•    A graphic timeline featuring milestones throughout Iowa's transportation history.
•    A blog featuring stories about advances in transportation and how those advances have more efficiently moved people across the state. The Iowa DOT encourages all Iowans to share stories on this blog about how you, a friend or family member has played or is playing a part in creating Iowa's transportation history.
•    Announcements about anniversary activities.
•    A Storify feed of anniversary coverage and transportation history articles.
•    A downloadable gallery of historic transportation photos unique to Iowa and 100th anniversary materials.
•    All of the Iowa DOT's historic resources gathered in one easy-to-search place.
Each week, a historic transportation photo will be featured on the Iowa DOT's main Facebook and Twitter pages, and also in the featured sites area of the Iowa DOT's home page at:

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UERPC April Newsletter

Posted: Mon, April 15, 2013
Some of the headlines you can read about:
  • RLF-Lunch and Learn
  • Get fit with Cresco
  • Employee Spotlight-Karla Organist
  • Grant Announcements
  • Congratulations to the city of Lime Springs
  • National Distracted Driving Awareness Month
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Iowa DOT Kicks Off Construction Season

Posted: Thu, April 4, 2013
It looks like the weather is finally changing from winter to construction season in Iowa. The Iowa Department of Transportation is poised to tackle construction work in every corner of the state. Depending on the remaining outcomes of bid lettings through June, the Iowa DOT will have let out to bid approximately $600 million in Primary Highway System construction work during the 2013 calendar year. Iowa's counties and cities will also be setting up work zones in many areas in an effort to improve Iowa's transportation system.

For travel information 24/7, online, anytime, visit or call 511 (in Iowa) or 800-288-1047 (nationwide). Follow us on Twitter @iowadot or @statewideia511.

This is a list of the most visible projects, according to the Iowa DOT's Office of Construction and Materials.
Central Iowa
Roadway: Interstate 35
County: Polk
In West Des Moines, the capacity improvement of I-35 will continue this year with the construction of the new southbound lanes between the I-35/I-80/I-235 interchange and Raccoon River bridge. Traffic will be maintained in two lanes in each direction using the existing northbound lanes and median sections constructed last year. Access to Mill Civic Parkway will be maintained and single lane closures may occur during off-peak hours. The I-35 interchange at Grand Avenue will be affected by the closures of the southbound exit and entrance ramps to allow for interchange reconstruction.
Roadway: Interstate 80
County: Polk
Work continues on I-80 near Altoona from the U.S. 65 bypass to east of the I-80/U.S. 65 interchange. The project includes reconstructing the Altoona interchange, capacity improvements to westbound I-80 and reconstruction of the 34th Avenue Northwest bridge over I-80. Two lanes of traffic on I-80 will be maintained in each direction during peak hours. Single lane closures may occur during off-peak hours. During the construction season, 34th Avenue Northwest and the northbound U.S. 65 ramp to I-80 will be closed. Detours will be in place.
Roadway: Interstate 35/80
County: Polk
I-35/I-80 will be resurfaced from the west junction of I-235 north to Iowa 141. The asphalt concrete resurfacing will be completed at night to allow normal traffic patterns during the daytime.
Roadway: Interstate 235
County: Polk
This project includes construction of a westbound I-235 auxiliary lane between the 73rd Street interchange and 63rd Street interchange in Windsor Heights. Westbound traffic will not be affected during construction of the project.
Roadway: U.S. 65
County: Polk
This project includes construction of two pairs of overflow bridges on U.S. 65 near the Des Moines River. The northbound bridges will be constructed in 2013 and southbound bridges in 2014. Traffic will be restricted to a two-lane, two-way configuration in the southbound lanes during the 2013 construction season.
Roadway: U.S. 20
County: Hamilton
Eastbound U.S. 20 from Iowa 17 to U.S. 69 will be reconstructed. Traffic will be operating in a two-lane, two-way traffic configuration in the westbound lanes.
Roadway: U.S. 65
County: Warren
The southbound U.S. 65 bridge over the North River will be reconstructed. Traffic will be operating in a two-lane, two-way traffic configuration in the northbound lanes.
Roadway: U.S. 30
County: Story
Eastbound U.S. 30 will be reconstructed with a concrete inlay from just east of I-35 near Ames to the west side of Nevada. Traffic will be operating in a two-lane, two-way traffic pattern in the westbound lanes of U.S. 30 for the construction season. Access to U.S. 30 from the south will not be allowed within the project limits during construction, except at the access to Story County Road R-70 upon completion of the project's first phase. Access to the north will be limited to right-in, right-out operations at the intersections within the project limits.
Roadway: Interstate 80
County: Dallas
The westbound shoulders on I-80 from the Polk County line west 20 miles will be reconstructed. In addition, there will be high-tension cable guardrail placed in the median and updated guardrail placed at several locations along the route. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction during peak hours. Single lane closures may occur during off-peak hours.

Roadway: U.S. 6 (Hickman Road)
County: Dallas and Polk
Several left-turn lanes will be lengthened at Alice's Road, 156th Street, 142nd Street and 128th Street. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction during peak hours. Single lane closures may occur during off-peak hours.

North central/Northeast Iowa
Roadway: Interstate 380/U.S. 20
County: Black Hawk
Northbound I-380/U.S. 20 will be reconstructed from River Forest Road in Evansdale to the east U.S. 20 interchange. Initially, the inside lane for both north- and southbound traffic will be closed to construct median crossovers. Once the crossovers are constructed, traffic will be in a two-lane, two-way configuration in the southbound lanes. Due to anticipated traffic congestion and delays, motorists are being urged to find an alternate route. Emergency detours have been established. Visit the project website for complete details at
Roadway: U.S. 63
County: Black Hawk
U.S. 63 will be reconstructed from Newell/Conger Street to Donald Street at the north edge of Waterloo. During April and early May, U.S. 63 will be detoured. The detour route will be from the junction of U.S. 63 and U.S. 218 northwest to Airport Boulevard, north on Airport Boulevard to West Airline Highway, and then east on West Airline Highway to U.S. 63. From early May to October, traffic from Newell Street to Donald Street will be in a two-lane, two-way configuration.
Roadway: U.S. 63
County: Black Hawk
U.S. 63 will be reconstructed from just south of Hudson north to U.S. 20. U.S. 63 traffic will be detoured. The project will be constructed in stages. When the north section of the project is under construction, the detour route will begin at the intersection of U.S. 63 and Iowa 58 at the south edge of Hudson, north on Iowa 58 to U.S. 20, then east on U.S. 20 to U.S. 63. When the south section is being constructed, the detour route will begin at the intersection of U.S. 63 and Black Hawk County Road D-46, east on Black Hawk County Road D-46 to Iowa 21, north on Iowa 21 to Black Hawk County Road D-35, and then west on Black Hawk County Road D-35 to U.S. 63 in Hudson.
Roadway: I-35
County: Franklin
Both the north- and southbound lanes of I-35 will be milled and resurfaced from the Iowa 3 Interchange north 6 miles to approximately 1.4 miles north of Franklin County Road C-25. This project will also involve bridge repair work approximately 0.2 mile north of Franklin County Road C-25. Traffic will be maintained by single lane closures in each direction.
Roadway: I-35
County: Worth
Both the north- and southbound lanes of I-35 will be milled and resurfaced from 0.9 mile north of Iowa 9, north 8.3 miles to 1.8 miles south of Worth County Road 105, and from Worth County Road 105 to the Minnesota state line. Traffic will be maintained by single lane closures in each direction.
Roadway Iowa 3
County: Fayette
A concrete overlay will be placed on Iowa 3 from the west Fayette County line to just west of the junction of Iowa 3 and Iowa 150. A detour route for northbound Iowa 150 will begin at the junction of Iowa 3 and Fayette County Road V-62, north to Fayette County Road C-33, and then east on Fayette C-33 to Iowa 150. A detour route for Iowa 3 will begin at the junction of Iowa 3 and Fayette County Road V-62, south on Fayette V-62 to Iowa 281, east on Iowa 281 to Iowa 150, and then north on Iowa 150 to Iowa 3.  
Northwest Iowa
Roadway: Interstate 29
County: Woodbury
I-29 in Sioux City continues to be reconstructed. Construction activities will be scattered throughout the entire I-29 corridor from the Signing Hills interchange north. Through traffic will be maintained at all times. Visit the project website for complete details at
Roadway: Iowa 86
County: Dickinson
Iowa 86 is being reconstructed in Dickinson County from Iowa 9 north to the Minnesota state line. The roadway is closed during construction. Traffic is being detoured on Iowa 9, U.S. 71 and Interstate 90 in Minnesota.
Roadway: U.S. 75
County: Plymouth
U.S. 75 will be reconstructed through Merrill. Traffic will be in a two-lane, two-way configuration through the project.
Eastern Iowa
Roadway: Interstate 80
County: Johnson
I-80 from I-380 to 1.5 miles east of the Iowa 1 interchange will have median barrier wall installed. Two lanes of traffic in each direction will be maintained through the project. There will also be interchange reconstruction at the Dubuque Street interchange. There will be detours for the interchange ramps.
Roadway: Interstate 80
County: Johnson
I-80 at the Oxford interchange (Johnson County Road W-38) will have bridge deck overlay work.Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction during peak hours. Single lane closures may occur during off-peak hours. One stage of the project will restrict lane width to 11 feet. The eastbound exit loop will be closed and a detour provided for a portion of the work.
Roadway: Interstate 380
County: Linn
I-380 from the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids north to Linn County Road E-34 will be resurfaced. There will also be bridge work as far south as U.S. 30. There will only be one lane open in each direction during the work. There will also be ramp closures. Work will be done during the night and on weekends to minimize impacts to traffic.
Roadway: U.S. 30
County: Linn
U.S. 30 from 1.6 miles west of I-380 will have deck overlay work. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction during peak hours. Single lane closures may occur during off-peak hours. One stage of the project will restrict lane width to 11 feet.
Roadway: U.S. 30
County: Clinton
U.S. 30 will be resurfaced from Wheatland to U.S. 61. Only one lane will be open to traffic in the work area. Traffic through the work area will be maintained with pilot car and flaggers.

Roadway: U.S. 30
County: Clinton
U.S. 30 (Camanche Avenue) will be reconstructed in Clinton from South 14th Street north to Fifth Street. Traffic will be maintained with a minimum of one lane in each direction.
Roadway: U.S. 52/61/151
County: Dubuque
The U.S. 52/61/151 project, from the U.S. 52 intersection to the Grandview Avenue interchange, involves replacement of the existing bridges spanning Catfish Creek and pavement, as well as improvements at the U.S. 52 intersection. Traffic will be in a two-lane, two-way configuration through the project.
Roadway: U.S. 20
County: Buchanan
U.S. 20 will be resurfaced from Iowa 150 at Independence to Iowa 187. Traffic will be maintained in a single lane in each direction.
Roadway: U.S. 20
County: Delaware
U.S. 20 will be resurfaced Iowa 38 in Delaware to Farley. Traffic will be maintained in a single lane in each direction.
South central/Southeast Iowa
Roadway: U.S. 34
Counties: Clarke and Union
U.S. 34 will be resurfaced with asphalt pavement from Union County Road P-64 in Thayer to I-35 in Clarke County. The work will be completed this year. Traffic will be maintained by flaggers and pilot cars.
Roadway: Interstate 35
County: Clarke
Two southbound I-35 bridges over Squaw Creek will be replaced, one 2.5 miles north of Iowa 152 and another 0.7 mile north of Iowa 152. Traffic will be in a two-lane, two-way configuration in the northbound lanes.
Roadway: Interstate 35
Counties: Clarke and Warren
I-35 from the Clarke County line north to St. Mary's will have high-tension cable guardrail placed in the median. Traffic will be maintained in a single lane in each direction.
Roadway: Interstate 35
County: Decatur
Southbound I-35 from Iowa 2 north to the Clarke County line will be closed for reconstruction. Traffic will be maintained in a two-lane, two-way configuration in the northbound lanes.
Roadway: U.S. 34
County: Wapello
U.S. 34 will be resurfaced from the Monroe County line east to Ottumwa. Through traffic will be maintained by flaggers and pilot cars.
Roadway: U.S. 34
County: Wapello
The superstructures of the U.S. 34 bridge over the Des Moines River in Ottumwa will be replaced. Traffic will be in a two-lane, two-way configuration on the bridge.
Roadway: Interstate 35
County: Warren
Construction work will be starting on a two-year project on southbound I-35 from 1.6 miles south of Cumming (Warren County Road G-14) interchange north to Iowa 5. A variety of traffic control measures will be in effect, including traffic shifts; temporary lane and ramp closures with detours.
Roadway: Interstate 35
County: Warren
The southbound I-35 bridge over the North River will be replaced. Traffic will be in maintained during construction using the existing north- and southbound lanes.
Roadway: U.S. 65
County: Warren
U.S. 65 from Liberty Center north to the east junction of Warren County Road G-58 will have paved shoulders placed. Traffic will be maintained by flaggers and pilot cars.
Roadway: U.S. 65
County: Wayne
U.S. 65 will be resurfaced from the Missouri state line north to Iowa 2. Through traffic will be maintained by flaggers and pilot cars.

Roadway: U.S. 34
County: Des Moines
U.S. 34 in Burlington will have paved shoulders constructed from West Mount Pleasant Street to Main Street. Traffic will be maintained with single lane and shoulder closures.
The Eighth Street bridge over U.S. 34 in Burlington will be closed for repairs and traffic detoured.
The Central Avenue bridge over U.S. 34 in Burlington will be repaired and traffic maintained with temporary traffic signals and flaggers.
Roadway: U.S. 61
County: Muscatine
The U.S. 61 Muscatine bypass will have paved shoulders constructed from Iowa 92 to Iowa 38 using single lane and shoulder closures.
Roadway: Iowa 92
County: Muscatine
The Mississippi River bridge in Muscatine will be repaired. Traffic will be maintained with temporary traffic signals and flaggers.
Roadway: Iowa 22
County: Muscatine
Iowa 22 will be milled and resurfaced from east of Iowa 38 to the east corporate limits of Muscatine. Traffic will be maintained using flaggers and pilot cars.
Southwest Iowa
Roadway: Interstate 29
County: Pottawattamie
I-29/I-80 from the Missouri River bridge in Council Bluffs east approximately 3 miles to the Lake Manawa/South Expressway interchange will undergo grading, paving and bridge construction work. Through traffic will be maintained. Single lane closures may occur during off-peak hours.
I-29 from north of Council Bluffs to the Missouri Valley (U.S. 30) interchange will be resurfaced at several locations. Through traffic will be maintained in a single lane.
I-29 will be reconstructed from south of Council Bluffs to the Mills County line. One direction of travel will be constructed at a time, with traffic maintained in a two-way, two-lane operation.
Roadway: Interstate 80
County: Cass
The eastbound I-80 bridge over Indian Creek at milepost 50 (west of the Marne interchange) will be replaced. Traffic will be maintained in a two-lane, two-way operation in the westbound lanes.
Roadway: Interstate 80
County: Adair
The eastbound I-80 bridge over Middle River at milepost 85 (west of the Greenfield interchange) will be replaced. Traffic will be maintained in a two-lane, two-way operation in the westbound lanes.
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Lane Restriction on Iowa 24 near Calmar Begin April 1

Posted: Mon, April 1, 2013
Road construction work on Iowa 24 in Winneshiek County near Calmar will require lane restrictions beginning Monday, April 1, weather permitting, according to the Iowa Department of Transportation's New Hampton construction office.

Motorists should look for temporary traffic lights at a bridge two miles southwest of Fort Atkinson with a 9-foot-6-inch width restricted lane to complete replacement of the bridge approaches. This portion of the project is expected to be completed by May 13.

Also, hot-mix asphalt and related paving work on Iowa 24 from Winneshiek County Road V-68 in Jackson Junction east to the intersection of Iowa 24, Iowa 150 and U.S. 52 in Calmar requires restricting traffic to one lane during daytime hours. Motorists will be directed through the work zone by flaggers and a pilot car.This portion of the project is expected to be completed by late July.

The Iowa DOT reminds motorists to drive with caution, obey posted speed limit and other signs in the work area, and be aware that traffic fines for moving violations are at least double in work zones. As in all work zones, drivers should stay alert, allow ample space between vehicles and wear seat belts.

For travel information 24/7, online, anytime, visit or call 511 (in Iowa) or 800-288-1047 (nationwide). Follow us on Twitter @iowadot or @statewideia511.
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Iowa 24 between Lawler and Jackson Junction to Close April 3 for Bridge Replacement

Posted: Mon, April 1, 2013
A bridge replacement project on Iowa 24 near the west city limits of Jackson Junction will require closing the road to traffic beginning Wednesday, April 3, weather permitting, according to the Iowa Department of Transportation's New Hampton construction office.

Motorists will be asked to follow the marked detour route by taking Chickasaw County Road V-56 in Lawler south to Chickasaw County Road B-44, east to the intersection of B-44 with Fayette County Road V-68 in Waucoma, then north to Iowa 24 at Jackson Junction. DOT-permitted oversize loads are prohibited.

This project is expected to be completed by late August.

The Iowa DOT reminds motorists to drive with caution, obey posted speed limit and other signs in the work area, and be aware that traffic fines for moving violations are at least double in work zones. As in all work zones, drivers should stay alert, allow ample space between vehicles and wear seat belts.

For travel information 24/7, online, anytime, visit or call 511 (in Iowa) or 800-288-1047 (nationwide). Follow us on Twitter @iowadot or @statewideia511.

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Comprehensive Regional Workforce Development Customer Service Plan

Posted: Thu, March 21, 2013

Public Input Process

Legal Notice

This notice serves to inform interested residents of Allamakee, Chickasaw, Clayton, Delaware, Dubuque, Fayette, Howard and Winneshiek counties that the Chief Elected Officials Board and the Regional Workforce Investment Board have developed a comprehensive Regional Workforce Development Customer Service Plan.  This draft plan is available March 22, 2013 for public comment for over thirty (30) days.  The plan will be effective July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2017.

The plan will incorporate services from the Workforce Investment Act Title I:  Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth, Wagner-Peyser, Unemployment Insurance, PROMISE JOBS, Adult Continuing Education, Vocational Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, Department of the Blind, Veterans, Goodwill Industries, Community Action Programs, and Trade Act.

The plan will be delivered to the Governor on June 30, 2013.  A draft of the plan may be reviewed at the websites listed below or at of either of the IowaWORKS One-Stop Centers located in Dubuque or Decorah, or by contacting: 

East Central Intergovernmental Assoc.
680 Main St., 2nd Floor
Dubuque, Iowa 52001
Ron Axtell, WIA Director
563-556-5800 Ext 136


Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission
312 Winnebago Street
Decoah, Iowa 52101
Fern Rissman, WIA Director

The following pages contain information pertaining to this comment period, including proofs of publication and minutes of the Public Hearing and the formal meeting that followed in order to adopt the plan.

Comments on the plan must be submitted to either Fern Rissman or Ron Axtell no later than April 29, 2013.  In addition, a public hearing will be conducted on April 30, 2013 at 4:00 PM at Keystone AEA in Elkader, Iowa to receive comments on the plan. 
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UERPC March Newsletter

Posted: Mon, March 18, 2013

Some of the headlines you can read about:
  • Education at Its' Finest
  • Employee Spotlight
  • Christensen Receives Statewide Honor for Physical Activity Efforts
  • AIWP Hosts Legislative Forum
  • Take the Stay Alert!
  • UERPC Housing, Inc. Audit Completed
  • Christensen Presents at State-Wide Conference
  • Seeking Applications!
  • Join PDI & IEDA
  • STEM Festival Success!
  • Welcome Susan!
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Seeking Bids

Posted: Fri, March 15, 2013
UERPC is accepting sealed bids for a 2006 Ford Taurus SE.  If you would like to submit a bid, please send to:

Rachelle Howe
Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission
325 Washington Street, Suite A
Decorah, IA  52101
56-382-6171, ext 213

Please submit by Friday, March 22th by 12:00 p.m.

The car specs include:

2006 Ford Taurus SE
114,688 Miles
4 door
6 passenger mid-size
3.0L 2V  6 CYL Flex Fuel Engine
AM/FM Stereo with CD player
Rear Defrost
Remote Keyless Entry

UERPC will review the bids and get back to you by Wednesday, March 27th.
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Iowa DOT seeking Summer Interns

Posted: Wed, February 27, 2013
Deadline is March 1

The Iowa Department of Transportation is thinking of spring and summer as the agency ramps up its recruiting of paid interns for the upcoming construction season.

The Iowa DOT is looking to hire 70 engineering interns at locations around the state, as well as 12 summer positions in other focus areas. Starting pay for these positions is $14.05 per hour. Applicants need to act quickly as the deadline to apply is close of business Friday, March 1. To apply, go to

To qualify, applicants must be full-time students at a college or university. Interviews for prospective students will be held March 11-15. If selected, each hiring office will contact the applicant to schedule an interview. Successful candidates will be notified the week of March 18. Start states (depending on school schedules) will be May 13 or May 20, and would conclude the Friday prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

In addition to the short-term internship positions, the Iowa DOT is also looking for two students to fill available co-op positions. The work commitment for these positions will be May to December, with one position in the Creston/Atlantic area and the other in the Iowa DOT's Office of Design in Ames.

The application process and hiring timelines are the same for these two positions as for the internships.

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Winter Storms and the Novice Driver

Posted: Thu, February 21, 2013
Winter Storms and the Novice Driver

Getting behind the wheel for the first time on a wintery day can be nerve-wracking, even for an otherwise "invincible" teenager. A novice driver's first on-the-road experience with winter weather driving should not be during a major storm. It's better to wait until conditions are less severe.
With the potential for schools to dismiss early on Thursday due to the impending winter storm, reminding your teen driver of these tips in advance may increase their ability to get back home safely in the early stages of the storm.

If your teen must drive during winter weather, remind them of the basics.
•    Give 'em some room: Explain to the young driver the importance of maintaining adequate space between vehicles, demonstrating in a safe location the difference in stopping distances on dry pavement and slick roads.
•    See and be seen: Before starting out on the road, make sure the vehicle's windows, headlights and taillights are cleared of ice and snow.
•    Be prepared: Always be prepared when traveling during the winter by carrying a winter survival kit in the vehicle. View the Iowa DOT's winter preparedness video on YouTube with your novice driver at
•    Check on road conditions: Visit discover all of the ways in which travel information is available via the Web, social media, phone and your mobile device (but never while driving).

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Proposed Improvements to Iowa 3

Posted: Wed, February 20, 2013
Proposed Improvement To Iowa 3 in Fayette County Near Oelwein To Be Discussed March 7
The Iowa Department of Transportation will hold a public information meeting Thursday, March 7,to discuss the proposed improvement of Iowa 3 in Fayette County from Fayette County Road V-62 east to the north corporate limits of Oelwein.

The public is invited to attend the meeting anytime between 5 and 7 p.m. at the Oelwein Public Library, 201 E. Charles St.
This public information meeting will be conducted utilizing an open forum format. Iowa DOT staff will be present to informally discuss the proposed improvement. No formal presentation will be made.
Traffic on Iowa 3 would be detoured during construction using Fayette County roads V-62 and C-33, and Iowa 150; or Fayette County Road V-62, Iowa 281 and Iowa 150.
For general information regarding the proposed improvement or public meeting, contact Nick Humpal, staff engineer, Iowa DOT District 2 Office, 1420 Fourth St. SE, Mason City, Iowa 50401, telephone 641-423-7584 or 800-477-4368, email
Visit the Iowa DOT's project-related public involvement event website at for information about scheduled public meetings and hearings, and opportunities to offer input to the Iowa DOT during the development of certain projects.
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W. K. Kellogg Foundation Awards $900,000 to Food & Fitness

Posted: Fri, February 15, 2013
For Immediate Release

Contact: Teresa Wiemerslage, ISU Extension,, 563-794-0599

W. K. Kellogg Foundation Awards $900,000 to Food & Fitness

The W. K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) has awarded $900,000 to the Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative (FFI) to be used in the next four years. The award money will fund current strategies related to school wellness, food systems, and active living with an additional focus on the caregivers of children from birth to age five in Northeast Iowa.

The WKKF invests in community-driven projects across the country that work to change policies and systems to make the healthy choice the easy choice.  Kellogg's investment in northeast Iowa started in 2008 when it was selected as one of nine sites to be a Food & Fitness community, with a two-year planning grant of $650,000.  A three-year implementation grant of $1.2 million followed.  

With the additional support, the initiative now moves from the implementation phase to an extended funding phase with a focus on long-term sustainability for the citizens in the six rural counties of Allamakee, Chickasaw, Clayton, Fayette, Howard, and Winneshiek.  

Guided by a Regional Leadership Council of local community members, FFI is grounded and supported by the staff of four core partner organizations: ISU Extension and Outreach, Luther College, Northeast Iowa Community College and Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission.

These organizations, each with differing missions, unite under a common vision for the region—to provide access to healthy, locally grown food with abundant opportunities for physical activity and play every day.  

"A nine-year investment by a private foundation into a region is unprecedented," said Ann Mansfield, FFI Project Coordinator.  "It also speaks volumes about the quality of the work and the strong community relationships needed to sustain it."  

"Healthier people make stronger families and vibrant communities," said Mansfield.  "The continued support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation will help us to further deepen this work with our partners and communities."  

Collaborative Strategies
The newest strategy of FFI focuses on early childhood care settings.  The work is being coordinated by Haleisa Johnson who is housed at Northeast Iowa Community College.  

"It is very important to include early childhood outreach because recent studies show increasing prevalence of obesity among children ages two to five. Over 21% of children age two to five are overweight or obese," says Johnson.  "If we do not address the health risk of our youngest children they could face a life of chronic diseases which will in turn affect our health system."
While the new strategy is being put into place, FFI plans to build on the three existing strategies by continuing to support area youth as leaders of change in wellness in school and community environments.  

Healthy Places
Individual behavior change is difficult without the support and influence of healthy environments in which to live, work and play.  Because school are hubs of a community, FFI has focused on school wellness for the past three years.  

They have worked to engage each school district within the six counties to create practices that benefit the well-being of students and creates a culture which promotes and sustains healthy habits.

School districts are now turning those healthy practices into policy.  Activities with proven outcomes for students, like walking school bus programs, recess before lunch, stronger food and beverage policies, active classrooms, and strong farm to school programs are paving the road for long-term system change.

"In so many ways we are a culture of excess," said Emily Neal, Director of School Outreach at Luther College.  "Many of our excessive behaviors are those that drive us to be one of the most unhealthy, developed nations in the world."

"Schools are a place to counterbalance societal excess, to model critical thinking and healthy lifestyle habits, and to provide the skills and habits to be productive and healthy citizens of the world," she said.

Outside of the school walls, the Active Living Work Group is dedicated to ensuring that people use the natural and built environments for physical activity, play and active transportation.

Safe Routes to School (SRTS), an international movement to enable and encourage students to safely walk and bike to and from school, is a priority FFI focus.  SRTS efforts began in the region in 2008. Since then, over 2000 students walk and bike to and from school, an increase of nearly 50%.

Ashley Christensen, Regional Safe Routes to School Liaison at Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission, spearheads SRTS efforts in Northeast Iowa.

"Our work is really one of a kind in that we are the only regionally-based SRTS program in the state and maybe even the country," said Christensen.  "We are bringing the benefits of Safe Routes to School to rural populations."

"With all the Safe Routes to School excitement and enthusiasm in Northeast Iowa, now is the time to really push forward," continued Christensen. "We need to continue to work hard today so younger generations can enjoy a healthier, happier and safer tomorrow."

Access to Healthy Food
In the next four years, FFI plans to continue making locally grown food available and affordable in communities, neighborhoods, and institutions.

"Demand for locally produced food including fruits and vegetables as well as livestock products has shown substantial growth. Buying and selling locally produced food revitalizes neighborhoods by creating and keeping jobs and money in the community," says Teresa Wiemerslage, Leader for Northeast Iowa Food and Farm Coalition and ISU Extension and Outreach program coordinator.

In 2011, twenty-five food producers reported over $3.5 million in local food sales.  Local schools have purchased over $14,400 from local farmers through farm to school efforts.  More locally grown foods can be found on grocery stores shelves.  

Wiemerslage says it is not only important to increase the sales of locally grown foods, but to also increase the number of farmers in the area to keep the sales numbers growing.

"Iowa's farmers are getting older and we need more farmers.  Almost 30% of Iowa's farmers are over 65; only 7% of our farmers are under 35.  Local food production is a great way for young for people to enter agriculture," Wiemerslage said. "We want to see agriculture grow, and bring new ideas and new families to northeast Iowa."

Next Generation
A key ingredient of FFI's success has been the intentional engagement of youth in the planning and implementation of the work.  Youth are viewed as partners and provide additional insight and enthusiasm for the changes that will directly impact their generation.

Their actions are leading to systems change in schools and communities.  Youth have worked with school food service staff to establish salad bars in lunch programs and to get healthier food options on their ala carte food lines and in concession stands.  They also deliver nutrition education and modeling healthy habits for their peers and younger children.

Youth outreach has become a part of the Iowa 4-H program to provide structure and a long-term home in an existing program.  Lynette Houser, ISU Extension Regional Youth Coordinator points to the four outcomes the 4-H program strives to develop in each of its youth partners: successful learners, effective leaders, productive citizens and outstanding communicators.   Over 240 youth were members of their school-based FFI 4-H teams in 2012.

"Positive youth development is the key component to youth engagement in the FFI and vital for sustaining youth leadership in the work," said Houser. "The additional funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation will allow more youth in NE Iowa the opportunity to transform their environments through a multitude of outlets."

"The youth involved in FFI are passionate, engaged and have great ideas.  We need to listen to them.  It's their future," she said. 
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Request for Audit Proposals

Posted: Tue, January 22, 2013
Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission is currently soliciting bid proposals to conduct the comprehensive audit of the above-stated agencies.  We invite your firm to submit a three-year proposal for the audits that would cover the fiscal years ending June 30, 2013, June 30, 2014, and June 30, 2015.  The following information should guide you in preparing a detailed proposal.

The Commission is a regional planning agency created under Chapter 473A and 28E, State Code of Iowa to serve the counties of Allamakee, Clayton, Fayette, Howard, and Winneshiek, Iowa.  The Commission is governed by a Board of Commissioners appointed from the five counties.  Its programs are financed from federal and state grants and contracts, county appropriations, and interest earned on investments.  

The Commission administers various programs such as Economic Development Administration (EDA), Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) programs and administers the programs established under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).  The Commission also employs staff to operate the Regional Housing Authority.  The Commission operates several revolving loan fund programs that make low interest loans available to businesses in the five county area.  

The Commission has contracts with the U.S. Department of Commerce, Iowa Department of Transportation, Iowa Department of Economic Development, and USDA Rural Development.  The Commission currently employs twenty staff and writes approximately 600 checks per month among the various agencies.

UERPC also serves as the administrative entity for the Workforce Investment Act.  Funding is received through the U.S. Department of Labor and includes Title 1 Adult & Administration, WIA Youth and WIA Dislocated Worker grants.  UERPC's annual operating budget is approximately $4.0 million.  

The Regional Housing Authority is a public housing agency.  Funding is received from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  There are currently 407 units under the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program with an estimated annual contribution contract of approximately $1.2 million.    

Our agency is requesting that your written proposal break down the cost of the audit of UERPC (including Workforce Investment Act) and UERHA and specifically address the following:

  1. Your firm's expertise and qualifications, particularly in auditing similar agencies and programs.
  2. The personnel who will be assigned to the audits and their qualifications.
  3. The hourly rates of the personnel involved in the audit.
  4. The scope of services that will be provided in the maximum base price.  Include in these services, any expenses relating to travel, copy fees, filing fees, telephone charges, and correspondence that may occur during the duration of the audit and subsequent to the audit.
  5. The approximate number of hours required by your firm of the UERPC staff in the performance of the audit work and the estimated timeframe for completion of the audit.

The audit must be conducted in accordance with Government Auditing Standards issued by the Comptroller General of the United States and as required by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-133, Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations.  

The audit report of the Regional Housing Authority will need to be prepared as a separate document from the UERPC audit report.  Reporting is also required to be completed electronically through HUD's Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) for the Regional Housing Authority.    

The previous audits of these agencies are available for inspection at our office or on the agency website at  Please submit your written proposal to this office no later than April 11, 2013.  Electronic submissions are also welcome.  Any questions concerning the audit proposals can be directed to Lisa Lensing, UERPC Finance Manager.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Respectfully submitted,

Rachelle Howe
Executive Director
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Iowa DOT Asks for Cooperation from Ice Fishing Anglers in Allamakee County

Posted: Fri, December 28, 2012
The Iowa Department of Transportation's District 2 Office and the Iowa State Patrol are asking for assistance from ice fishing anglers on the Mississippi River parking along Iowa 26 in Allamakee County.
Vehicles parked on the shoulder of Iowa 26 north of Lansing can interfere with snow removal operations. Snowplow drivers end up leaving a bank of snow alongside the vehicles parked on the shoulder that cannot be cleared until the vehicles are moved. This can cause unsafe driving conditions for those leaving their fishing spots, as well as others traveling on Iowa 26. 

Whether winter precipitation is in the forecast, still falling or has yet to be cleared from the road, parking along the shoulder of Iowa 26 should be avoided. Instead, the Iowa DOT and ISP are asking anglers to use the designated parking areas along the east and west sides of Iowa 26 north of Lansing located at:
•    Milepost 1.8 (east side of Iowa 26)
•    Milepost 2.0 (east side of Iowa 26)
•    Milepost 2.4 (east side of Iowa 26)
•    Milepost 7.3 (west side of Iowa 26)

Using designated parking areas allows snowplow drivers to completely clean the roadway in an effort to create safe roadway conditions.

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Holiday Hours for Christmas

Posted: Fri, December 21, 2012
All UERPC offices will be closed on December 24th and 25th for the Christmas holiday. We hope all our partners have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!
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Travel Not Advised in Much of Iowa

Posted: Wed, December 19, 2012
In advance of forecasted blizzard conditions in the state, the Iowa Department of Transportation is advising motorists that travel across the majority of Iowa is not advised from 8 p.m. tonight through noon Thursday, Dec. 20.

The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning beginning at 6 p.m. tonight and continuing through 6 p.m. Thursday. In addition to heavy snowfall of 6 to 10 inches, very strong northwest winds (25-35 mph, with gusts exceeding 45 mph) will produce considerable blowing and drifting of snow and blizzard conditions late tonight through Thursday afternoon.

The heaviest snow axis will be along a line from Atlantic to Dubuque. The lowest amounts are expected near the Missouri border. Snow drifts several feet deep will be possible given the strong winds. Visibility at times will be reduced to one-quarter mile or less to whiteout conditions.

The Iowa DOT does not recommend travel during this dangerous winter storm, but if you choose to venture out, take a fully charged cell phone with you. If you become stranded, follow these safety steps.
•    Use your mobile phone to call 911 for emergency assistance. Guide emergency personnel to your location by observing any exit numbers, mileposts, crossroads or landmarks.
•    Pull as far off the road as possible to avoid getting hit by other vehicles.
•    Turn on your vehicle's warning/flashing lights.
•    Remain with your vehicle. Your vehicle provides the shelter necessary to survive and allows you to be found by rescue personnel.
•    Remain calm and be patient. It may take considerable time for someone to reach your vehicle during a storm as emergency personnel typically are assisting multiple persons.
•    Make sure your vehicle's gas tank is full before starting your trip. If you become stranded, run your vehicle about 10 minutes every hour to stay warm.
•    Crack a window in the vehicle to avoid carbon monoxide build-up; and clear away any snow from the vehicle's tailpipe so the exhaust can escape.
•    Utilize the resources in your winter survival kit.
 To discover all the ways in which you can receive 24/7 Iowa traveler information, visit
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Iowa DOT Urges Caution as Winter Weather Approaches

Posted: Tue, December 18, 2012
With the anticipation of a busy holiday travel weekend approaching, the Iowa Department of Transportation is cautioning drivers that the first major winter storm of the season may hamper some travel plans.
Storm severity will vary depending on location. The National Weather Service is predicting 5 to 8 inches of snow along a line from Atlantic through Boone to Waterloo, with isolated instances of 10 inches possible. Rain is expected in southern Iowa along a line from Bedford to Oskaloosa. In between, a rain/snow mix is expected. All precipitation is expected to change to snow overnight Wednesday before ending Thursday morning.

Winds are expected to become very strong Wednesday night from the north/northwest. Sustained winds of 25 to 33 mph are expected, with gusts of 45 mph or more possible. The strongest winds are expected a few hours prior to daybreak through noon Thursday. Blizzard or near blizzard conditions may occur with visibilities reduced below one-quarter of a mile from time to time.
The Iowa DOT recommends the following tips for safe winter travel during the impending storm.
Trip preparation - is the trip necessary?Often, delaying a trip by a few hours can give snow removal crews time to get the roads back to normal winter driving conditions. For traveler information, now available via the web, Twitter, Facebook or on your mobile phone, visit Or simply call 511 (within Iowa) or 800-288-1047 (nationwide).
For information available from the Iowa DOT's weather stations, including atmospheric conditions, road temperatures and traffic camera images, visit the Iowa DOT's WeatherView website at
Before you leave, let someone know your departure and expected arrival times, along with your intended route. Allow extra time to reach your destination.
Prepare your vehicle and passengers. Make sure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition and its gas tank is nearly full. Turn on your vehicle's headlights so you can see and be seen. Ensure all passengers are wearing their seat belts or are in child safety seats.
Use your winter driving skills. Do not use cruise control. Allow extra stopping distance by maintaining adequate distance between your vehicle and the one ahead. Avoid abrupt steering maneuvers. Lower your vehicle's speed, accelerate more slowly and apply the brakes in a controlled manner.
Carry an emergency survival kit and other supplies.Carry a mobile phone for making an emergency call; do not use it while driving.
Place a winter survival kit in your vehicle. This kit should contain items to help sustain your life and the lives of your passengers should your vehicle become stranded. These items can include: booster cables, candles and matches, a flashlight with fresh batteries, extra blankets and warm clothes, nonperishable food items, a can for melting water, and a snow shovel. Sufficient supplies should be in the kit for all persons traveling in the vehicle.

Use caution when approaching, following or passing a snowplow. Snowplows generally operate at much slower speeds than other traffic. Snowplows can be forced sideways when clearing hard-packed drifts and generate a "snow cloud" that may impair the vision of drivers in nearby vehicles. Remain a safe distance behind the snowplow, pass only when clear and never continue to drive alongside a plow. Allow plenty of space when passing a snowplow because the wing of the plow blade extends out to the side of the truck. Do not cut back into the lane of traffic too soon in front of a snowplow truck because the blade also extends in front of the truck.
Remember the slogans, "Ice and Snow … Take it Slow" and "Don't crowd the plow."
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UERPC December Newsletter

Posted: Mon, December 17, 2012
Some of the headlines you can read about:
  • Northeast Iowa Goes to Washington
  • Save the Date!
  • Creating a Better World
  • Meet and Greet
  • Iowa Finance Authority awards NEIRHTF and the FCLHTF
  • Audit Complete
  • Upcoming Training
  • Worksite Wellness Programs-Good for Business
  • Congratulations to Carolyn Thorsten
  • Motor Mill Bridge Celebration
  • Healthy Christmas Eating!
  • UERPC offices Holiday Dates
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Driving Dangers Compounded Over Thanksgiving Holiday

Posted: Tue, November 20, 2012
A combination of winter weather, impaired drivers and other factors have proven deadly on Iowa highways during past Thanksgiving holiday weekends.

Over the last decade, traffic fatality data shows the Thanksgiving holiday (Wednesday noon to midnight Sunday) as having the highest number of highway fatalities of the six different holiday periods tracked by the Iowa Department of Transportation. In the last two years, 12 people were killed in traffic crashes over the extended weekend, four of those fatalities involved crashes with impaired drivers.

While even one death on Iowa roadways is too many, a number of factors have combined to make 2012 one of the lowest on record for Iowa traffic fatalities. To continue the trend, there are several steps people can take to make the roads safer throughout the holiday season.
  • Do not drink and drive. If you are attending an event where alcohol is served, designate a nondrinking driver to drive home from the party and stick with that decision.
  • Put your mobile phone away. Distractions due to talking or texting while driving are leading causes of motor vehicle crashes.  
  • Ensure that everyone in the vehicle is wearing a seat belt - all positions, all ages.
  • Do not follow too closely behind another vehicle, especially in heavier traffic or when you are traveling at higher speeds.
  • Obey posted speed limits. Slow down if your vision is limited by heavy rain, fog or snow.
  • Monitor weather-related travel conditions. Listen to forecasts; and check road conditions by downloading the "Iowa 511" app to your smart phone, visiting or calling 511.
  • Avoid traveling during peak traffic periods, including Wednesday evening, Thursday morning, and Sunday afternoon and evening.
To see a list of holiday fatality numbers dating back to 1962, visit
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UERPC November Newsletter

Posted: Mon, November 19, 2012
Some of the headlines you can read about:
  • Local Winners to Compete at Local "Pitch Off"
  • "High" Ratings from HUD for UERPC Housing Authority
  • City Clerk Meeting Update
  • "Walktober 3rd" a Huge Success
  • Revolving Loan Fund and HAWC Partnership
  • NE IA Safety Alliance Meeting
  • Deer Safety: Tips for Avoiding a Collision
  • Exciting News for Waukon!
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Online Transportation Survey

Posted: Thu, November 1, 2012
A local team of economic development, transportation, and employment specialists are currently conducting a survey about employment transportation in Northeast Iowa.  The goal is to get a better understanding of current employment transportation options and needs. The team is looking for responses from employees, employers and job seekers that live or work in any of these Iowa counties: Allamakee, Winneshiek, Howard, Fayette, and Clayton. The survey can be found below.

If you know of someone that would want to complete the survey, but does not have computer access, a paper version is available. Please contact Karn Pankow, Operations / Mobility Manager at NEICAC to request one. Email: or phone: 1-866-382-4259.

This survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Responses will be accepted Nov 1 - 18, 2012. This is an anonymous survey; only general demographic & transportation questions will be asked.
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Iowa Agencies Promote National School Bus Safety Week

Posted: Mon, October 22, 2012
The Iowa departments of Transportation, Education and Public Safety are joining the National Association for Pupil Transportation in promoting National School Bus Safety Week Oct. 22-26, 2012. Motorists can expect heightened traffic enforcement directed toward persons who illegally pass stop school buses during this period.

The theme for this year's educational campaign is "I See the Driver. The Driver Sees Me!" It is derived from the national school bus safety poster contest held in 2011.
The purpose of the annual safety week is to educate students, parents/caregivers, bus drivers, educators and motorists about the importance of school bus safety and measures they can take to decrease injuries and fatalities.

Each year, more than 800 students nationally are killed going to and from school. In Iowa, there were 207 school bus-related crashes in 2011, including three fatalities and seven major injuries. Through July 31 of this year, there have been 86 school bus-related crashes.

To learn more about school bus safety, what motorists must do when a school bus is stopped, how students can safely board or unload from a school bus, and the penalties for illegally passing a stopped school bus, go to 

In March 2012, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad signed into law Senate File 2218, the Keep Aware Driving - Youth Need School Safety Act, commonly known as Kadyn's Law. The law is named after Kadyn Halverson, age 7, who was struck by a pickup truck while trying to cross the road to board her school bus.

Kadyn's Law increased the criminal penalties for illegally passing a stopped school bus and directed the Iowa DOT to adopt rules that increase the administrative driving privilege sanctions. Under these rules, a person's driving privilege will be suspended 30 days for a first conviction, 90 days for a second, and 180 days for a third or subsequent conviction.

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UERPC October Newsletter

Posted: Mon, October 15, 2012
Some of the headlines you can read about:
  • Community Foundations Are Awarded
  • Are you Ready to Be Interviewed?
  • Metronet
  • Thank you Dave!
  • Don't Miss the next City Clerk Meeting!
  • UERPC Partnership with Hawkeye Community College
  • Guttenberg Comprehensive Plan
  • Tours Throughout the Area
  • Congratulations to Fayette
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Be a 'walk star" Oct. 3 by joining International Walk to School Day

Posted: Mon, September 17, 2012
Be a "walk star" by participating in International Walk to School Day Wednesday, Oct. 3. This fun, healthy, no-cost event encourages everyone - students, parents, teachers, community members and organizations - to get out on sidewalks and trails. Participating with school children emphasizes the importance of increasing physical activity, teaching pedestrian safety, showing concern for the environment, reducing traffic congestion; and building connections between families, schools and communities.
This year's International Walk to School Day is expected to draw participation from 5,000 schools from all 50 states. Walkers will unite with children and adults in 40 countries around the world.
This event is an opportunity for families with children who typically ride a school bus, but live in areas with bike-friendly paths to school, to try walking and bicycling to school. If students still need to ride a bus, many schools participate by arranging for school buses to drop off students at a nearby park or other safe location to finish the trip on foot. The drop-off option can also be used for students who are usually driven to school in private automobiles.
To get involved, register for the event at The site includes a variety of useful information for parents and participating schools. Data collected from registrations will be used to make future programs stronger.
International Walk to School Day also encourages parents and community members to help schools conduct a walkability assessment of their neighborhoods. The Iowa Department of Public Health, through its Iowans Fit for Life Program, has developed a walkability checklist to help walkers assess what makes the walking environment inviting and safe, as well as identify existing barriers. After the assessment, school staff can help students become advocates for a more walkable community. The walkability assessment is available at
To encourage participation in Walk to School Day, the Iowa Department of Transportation has free materials available, including "I'm a walk star" stickers, erasers and zipper pulls, and "Walk to School" pencils and sneaker stickers. To order any of these items, contact the Iowa Bicycle Coalition at
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News Headlines

March 24th Housing Summit Now Online!

Posted: Mon, March 29, 2021

The Northeast Iowa Housing Summit that was put on by UERPC and the Northeast Iowa Business Network, on Wednesday, March 24th, can now be viewed online! Please click the tab below to view an overview of the summit as well as get the recordings from both sessions. 

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The UERPC March 2021 Newsletter is Here!

Posted: Mon, March 15, 2021

The UERPC March 2021 Newsletter is here!

Highlights include:

  • IEDA COVID-19 Business Impact Survey Closes March 17th
  • Northeast Iowa Housing Summit Taking Place on March 24th
  • ICOG Legislative Update- March 5, 2021
  • UERPC is Open
  • NOTICE:  UERPC offices will be closed on Friday, April 2nd for Good Friday
  • Employee Spotlight:  Nathan Thompson
  • NICC Virtual Training Opportunities
  • Bike/Walk to School Day Planning Webinar on March 17th
  • March SRTS Monthly Motivators:  Time to Start MARCHING!
  • March 5-2-1-0 Feature:  Take a Break from Screens and READ!


Want to receive our newsletter in your inbox? Sign up here:

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Transportation Policy Board to meet March 17th

Posted: Wed, March 10, 2021

The next RPA-1 Transportation Policy Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 17th, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. The Enhancement and Technical Committees will meet beforehand at 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., respectively.

These meetings will take place via electronic means pursuant to the provisions of the Iowa Open Meetings Law, Section 21.8, Code of Iowa. For information on accessing the meeting, contact Aaron Detter at or (563) 419-6126.


1. Call to Order
2. Election of Chair and Vice Chair
3. Approval of the agenda
4. Approval of the December 9th, 2020 meeting minutes
5. Public Hearing: RPA-1 Public Participation Plan
6. Consideration and possible board action: Adoption of RPA-1 Public Participation Plan
7. Consideration and possible board action to award Iowa’s TAP regional funding for Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2025
8. Consideration and possible board action to award STBG/Swap funding for Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2025
9. RPA-1 Staff Updates
10. Iowa DOT Updates
11. Floor Items
12. Set next meeting date
13. Adjournment

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Posted: Thu, March 4, 2021

Extensions and expansions suppport the immediate and ongoing needs of homeowners who are experiencing economic impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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