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Thank you for these wonderful endorsements of UERPC…….

Our Long-standing partnership with Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission has helped foster opportunities and economic security in northeast Iowa. Together, we have created numerous revolving loan funds, and provided funding for technical assistance creating employment opportunities and increasing the quality of life for rural Iowans. 

When rural Iowa thrives, the entire state thrives.

USSDA Rural Development programs and our partnerships with organizations such as UERPC are catalysts for rural prosperity through a variety of tools and resources we offer that ensure rural families, businesses and communities have the access to the help they need today, and into the future.

Grant Menke, State Director in Iowa
USDA Rural Development

The partnership with Upper Explorerland and the Oelwein Chamber & Area Development is of great value to our organization, as well as the community of Oelwein. The various programs they provide are very useful to the community,
a great benefit to our residents and businesses.

Our local Revolving Loan Fund, being administered by UERPC, has prospered and helped fund many businesses in our community. The professional manner they do the administering of the funds and working with committee members is outstanding. The follow up procedures for annual reporting is outstanding as well.

The Oelwein Chamber & Area Development is proud to partner with UERPC for the many services they provide us. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Deb Howard, Executive Director
Oelwein Chamber & Area Development
Working with Upper Explorerland has been beneficial for the City of Oelwein. Their employees are a great resource and help Oelwein in many areas. We have used Upper Exploreralnd for assistance in our goals for City Council, transportation planning, and administration of our Intermediary Revolving Loan Fund. We have such a positive relationship, it is like they are a staff member for the city.
Dylan Mulfinger, City Administrator
City of Oelwein

Upper Explorerland is a valuable resource and partner for our communities.  I experienced first hand their professionalism when UERPC led and facilitated the hazard mitigation planning for communities in Winneshiek County.  They brought various stakeholders to the table, listened to all input, and helped to synthesize an appropriate plan.  It was worth the time working side by side with UERPC.

 Recently, I attended the Food & Fitness Initiative event for NE Iowa and UERPC was well represented.  Their commitment to serve our communities is demonstrated through words and actions.  Their willingness to be a partner allows us to tap their expertise.  Whenever I am invited to participate in an UERPC sponsored event, I give it serious consideration given their track record of service and partnership.

Liang Chee Wee, Ph.D., President
Northeast Iowa Community College
I would like to say a special thank you to the staff at UERPC. The help they have given the city with their SRF filing, well grant application and housing rehabilitation program has been great. It has been so nice having this resource with the expertise and knowledge they have, to help with all of these processes and to help make the projects run so smoothly.
Tammy Humble, City Administrator
City of Luana, Iowa
Thank you Shelly and everyone at Upper Explorerland for your hard work in developing the RCDI application and then facing those gruesome federal forms and submission.  Your partnership is highly valued!
In the spirit of NE Iowa service,
M. J. Smith, Director of Affiliate Foundations
Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

Rachelle- Just wanted to say thank you one more time for your assistance in the Community and Regional Planning mock interviews last semester. My best estimate is that over 50 planning professionals and friends of the department assisted in some fashion with delivering the CRP 331 Planning Professional Seminar last semester. The roles provided through this assistance included guest lectures, professional planning panels, student mentors and mock interviewers. The students—more than once—expressed their appreciation for all this help in not only giving them a better perspective of as how to obtain employment in the planning profession, but also a sense of what lies ahead post-graduation. 

I’ve always felt that you and Upper Explorerland present an excellent model for our students interested in rural planning, especially to our women students seeking ideas and models for their career.

Tim Borch
Associate Professor, Retired Associate Dean, Iowa State University

Upper Explorerland provided financial assistance and support for me many years ago when I went back to college to earn my current degrees. I am grateful for the opportunities afforded to me and it allowed me to become self-sufficient and not rely on public assistance. I am forever thankful for your program and other programs that helped me pursue my degrees and reach my goals to secure a career in education.

Northeast Iowa Resident