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Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is an international movement to encourage active school travel and safe community routes. Northeast Iowa is home to the state's first rural, regional SRTS program, managed by UERPC.

  • Walking and Biking School Buses or Clubs. A fun, safe and active way for students to travel to school with responsible supervisors.
  • Bike Safety Lessons. In-class instruction to provide students with the knowledge, skills and practice for becoming smart, safe bike riders and pedestrians.
  • Bike Rodeo Supplies. Schools and communities can utilize UERPC's Bike Safety Kit for hosting their own bike safety event.
  • SRTS Community Coalitions. School and community advocates join forces to build SRTS efforts to support local safety measures.
  • SRTS Community Programs. Community organizations and UERPC partner together to provide active transportation and healthy living opportunities to local children and families.

SRTS is the answer to creating a better world for our children, our school, our communities and ourselves.  Join the SRTS effort today by contacting April Bril at 563-382-6171 or abril@uerpc.org.


“I am proud to be a Safe Routes supporter. I have seen first-hand the impact that the Walking School Bus program has had on my son the past three years. He is excited to walk to school every day, to feel connected to our community as he experiences it on foot, and to build confidence in his ability to navigate the one mile walk through town. The skills he is learning in this program make him a safer pedestrian at all times, and he has now begun walking to school on his own. This would not be possible without his participation in this program, and I wish every child had the privilege to participate in such a fun, constructive program.”
~Walking School Bus Parent


“As a Walking School Bus volunteer for the past five years, I appreciate and firmly support the Safe Routes message of active school travel and safe neighborhood routes. I am an advocate of physical activity for our children to encourage and preserve healthy lifestyles. I have witnessed the development of listening skills, teamwork, empathy, and flexibility as children engage in relationships created through neighborhood networking and educational programs. Learning these life skills at a young age enable our children to become tomorrow’s effective leaders.”
~Walking School Bus Volunteer